Data Syncronization of Product Information

Through its partnership with LANSA, Rippe & Kingston (R&K) provide 1WorldSync certified solutions. Our solutions are based on LANSA's Data Sync Direct Software that can be implemented to meet your needs.

Synchronize product information across trading partners for a competitive advantage.  Rippe & Kingston delivers flexible global data synchronization solutions — from software to hosted — that benefit both retailers and suppliers. Our LANSA based solutions help retailers sell more and save money through shorter replenishment times, faster product introduction and reduced inventory. LANSA's Data Sync Direct Software enables suppliers to synchronize internal data for greater efficiency and respond to retailer mandates. But the benefits to suppliers go beyond cleaning up internal data and attaining compliance.  These solutions also make it possible for suppliers to enjoy the benefits of other related GDSN related initiatives.

1WorldSync Data Synchronization

 Data Sync Options

Data Sync Direct - Hosted Data Sync Direct
If you need to engage in synchronization quickly and minimal cost, our managed service is your solution. The Hosted offering is an end-to-end solution designed to get you connected easily with the functionality you require while protecting your investment. Hosted delivers the latest certified functionality available for suppliers while offering a subscription fee structure to meet your budgetary needs. It's an ideal solution if you have a limited amount of product data to synchronize. And there's no need to retrain staff on new software when you're ready for the fully integrated, behind the firewall. Allows suppliers to access item information already stored in their existing ERP system and securely send it to their data pool. No additional software or outsourcing services are required. LANSA Data Sync Direct can be installed on your production server and integrated with your existing item definition files. LANSA Data Sync Direct can also be delivered on an appliance server, pre-installed, configured and ready for use. Our solution conforms to the latest EAN. UCC XML schema version.

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Data Entry Assistance

Data Entry assistance is when we enter our client's GTIN attributes.  This service is available at a very reasonable cost.  This service allows your firm to offload this effort from your staff and allow us to get you published faster than doing this in-house.

Data Sync Consulting

Data Sync Consulting is our optional professional service normally performed at your location to train your staff on Data Sync Concepts and to provide certified assistance to collect, measure, publish and synchronize your GTIN information.  This service accelerates you data synchronization efforts.