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Rippe & Kingston Support"Rippe & Kingston is pleased to offer industry leading support for all of our clients. "

Rippe & Kingston Support Department

Support Offerings (Vary with Solution)

  • Client Support Forum - Each client is provided access to the client support forum. Here you have the opportunity to pose your questions/issue or search through the database of contract management questions and answers. (If you don't have access rights, call support and make a request.)
  • Telephone Support - 877.751.7962
  • Remote Access - With just a few clicks, our support staff can share your screens.  Our staff of experts can chat with end users in real time, guide them through a product demo, or even take permission-based control of the end-user's mouse and keyboard to show how to resolve a problem.
  • Feedback - Feedback Button delivers a generic way to communicate with everyone on the support team.  Send us a compliment, request, complaint or any other type of message. Everything is reviewed by Management, Marketing, Sales, Development & Support.
  • Training Videos - An ever growing inventory of solution videos are available to our clients
  • User Guides - Peruse our user guides or download a PDF version.

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